The New England Clean Energy Connect is a project Maine badly needs. It will bring thousands of construction jobs with it and pump hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. But what’s even more impressive are the benefits that come with it to Maine’s environment.

The NECEC corridor from Quebec to Lewiston includes roughly 50 miles of working forests that have already been harvested for lumber for more than a century and more than 90 miles of already existing transmission lines, which Central Maine Power owns. The path does not run through any pristine forest and concern over the Kennebec Gorge has been greatly reduced now that CMP has decided to run the line under the river as opposed to over it. That’s important to me being a fisherman, a hunter, and somebody who enjoys all the outdoor opportunities our beautiful state has to offer.

Cleaner, greener energy options are a necessity with the threat of climate change becoming more real by the day. With such careful mapping by CMP, NECEC will make it possible for Maine and every New England state to have efficient, reliable and affordable energy for decades to come.

NECEC is a major breakthrough in delivering clean electricity to all Maine and the rest of New England. Hydropower has fifty times less carbon in it than the fossil fuels we are currently using. We must continue to trend toward renewable energy. NECEC does just that. It’s good for our environment and it has my full support.


Carl Wallace

South Gardiner

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