I consider the superintendent of School Administrative District 49 to be very dangerous to the school system. I attended the April 25 SAD 49 school board meeting and write this in response to the April 26 article “SAD 49 superintendent’s job to be discussed by board after calls for resignation.”

The full flavor of disappointment and animus toward the school board, specifically the now former chair and vice chair, and the superintendent was made quite clear to those in attendance. Even members of the school board admitted they felt deceived and mislead and apologized to the members of the school and community.

I only know the now former Lawrence High School principal from professional encounters regarding the school budget. I always found him to be reasonable and honest. To let him go in the middle of the school year was wrong to the point of being unprofessional. Terminating the other two contracted employees only adds insult to injury.

It makes me wonder how this superintendent was allowed to be credentialed by the state Board of Education. I think the students were right to protest and I appreciate and support that action, which is a protest but also a civic liberty and duty. The students who spoke that night were articulate, poised, polite and intelligent. Those students (and their teachers) have reassured my hope for the future.


Robert Sezak


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