In response to the editorial on Indigenous Peoples Day (“Our View: Indigenous Peoples Day more than a day off,” May 2), I offer the following.

First of all, Columbus is significant because he was the first in recorded history to cross the Atlantic ocean. Secondly, in 1492 slavery was a common practice including among the indigenous peoples as was conquest and taking of resources and property. It’s not like the indigenous peoples were living like hippies on a commune. There was almost constant warfare which included sacrificing their prisoners. And atrocities were committed by both Europeans and the indigenous peoples.

Finally, many of the Europeans who came to America were fleeing persecution in their home countries and went on to create the American experiment, a project that has benefited the world for the last two centuries.

So, I will be celebrating Columbus Day on the second Monday in October.

Also, in response to the piece on anti-Semitism, with all due respect to Lee Leviter, nobody on the right cares or even knows that George Soros is Jewish (“Baseless narratives about Jewish secrecy, power gaining ground – even here,” column, May 1). All we care about is the fact that he is using his vast wealth to fund terrorist groups like antifa and other disruptive organizations as well as shape public policy in the U.S. Meddling that, judging by the news for the last two years, should cause outrage on the Left.

If you are looking for anti-Semitism you might want to take a look at the Democratic party. The only people who care about race and identity politics anymore are Leftists.


David Dickson


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