I turned off my radio again, wishing they would all be still until they could stick to the subject and keep their personal angers and frustrations out of it —“it” being the Mueller investigation report.

As I see it, the Special Investigation team did their very best to unravel and shed light on a thicket of cobwebs so dense it defies imagining.  They rendered their report, Mueller reviewed and signed it, and neither his nor their findings led them to bring or pursue criminal indictments beyond those now issued.

I still wished they would have all been quiet,  at least until they could study and confer among themselves on the more than 400 pages so carefully assembled. I wished also the media horde had shut up until they had something more than bad behavior and poor judgment to chew on.  But no, the news cycle must grind on, 24/7.

At that point I remembered Ben Franklin. Ben is always good to think about, especially in moments of strain.

Thanks to Ben and his friends and colleagues, about 1789 we (not so suddenly) had a written Constitution, and over the next “few” years the colonies-turned-states agreed to give that Constitution sovereignty over all who chose to be citizens of this (at last) United States of America.

Mueller and his staff have done perhaps the best work of their lives, and we now have evidence of events and sequence of dates. Special Counsel has done his work. Under our Constitution it is up to Congress to weigh this evidence and decide whether the Constitution or the clamor shall rule.


Our Constitution still includes the words “and misdemeanors.”

Let the Members of House and Senate confer, stand and be counted. Please.


John H. Willey


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