I read with interest the article “Vaccine measure splits House, Senate” (May 7).

The religious or philosophical exemption might well be chosen by parents because several present vaccines, especially the MMR vaccine manufactured by Merck, originate from aborted fetal cells. See www.cogforlife.org for more information.

There is also a vaccine chart, updated in February, including alternative ethical vaccines: cogforlife.org/wp-content/uploads/vaccineListOrigFormat.pdf.

Many of these same parents could have their children vaccinated if there was an ethical alternative. Alas, Merck is the only game in town, and they currently refuse to make an alternative available.

Vaccine ingredients do matter, and it is up to parents to make their own decision to have their own children vaccinated. If a perfectly delicious-looking pan of brownies had only a small amount of dog feces baked into them, would you want a choice about whether to eat them or not? Would you appreciate being forced to eat those brownies anyway?

If the Maine Legislature succeeds in passing its draconian measure without religious and/or philosophical exemptions, parental options would be effectively eliminated. That would definitely be a violation of parental rights.


Michelle Truman


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