The recent “ought to pass” committee vote on L.D. 1313, the Maine Death with Dignity Act, is a very big deal. It’s taken three sessions, and it was hard won.

It was not easy to hear people tell their stories. I did notice that a huge number of people that spoke and submitted testimony in opposition weren’t even from Maine. In fact they used these same arguments in Maryland and Nevada earlier this year, and have moved on to Delaware.

When I look at the people in opposition to this bill, I take great comfort in knowing that I absolutely respect their opinions and can wholeheartedly honor their wishes. What I find challenging is that those same people may or may not be able to respect my opinion, but certainly cannot and will not respect or honor my wishes.

This bill is about everybody having the choice to live and to die according to their own personal and family values, philosophies and beliefs in the face of the worst possible situation. I just want the ability to choose what is best for me and my family if it, god forbid, comes to that. Don’t you?

Tell your legislator you want the choice.

Stacia Fowler

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