Gov. Janet Mills kicked off an effort to develop a 10-year economic development plan for the state on Tuesday.

Mills said the plan, which she expects to get in November, will be turned over to lawmakers to use in the second session of the Legislature.

The effort will be led by the state Department of Economic and Community Development and will draw on other government agencies, business leaders and private organizations.

Mills said the focus will be on developing strategies to enhance economic growth, especially in rural Maine, and to also address Maine’s tight labor market.

It will mark the first time in more than two decades that Maine has had a strategic economic development plan, the governor said.

“Strengthening our economy and tackling Maine’s workforce challenges requires a multifaceted approach that addresses skills training, research and development and increasing Maine’s GDP and median wages,” Mills said in a statement. “To achieve these goals state government must be a partner and not an impediment.”

Mills said she wants the state to be known by 2030 as national leader for developing a diverse and sustainable economy.

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