As a military member, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to use Tricare, the government run health care for service members, to provide health care to myself and my family. With costs spinning out of control, it is imperative that our federal government work toward solutions that drive down costs while protecting our access to quality medication for those in need.

I believe that the proposed Rebate Rule, which would increase Medicare Part D premiums and grant a billion-dollar bailout to the pharmaceutical industry, is a step in the wrong direction. The Rebate Rule eliminates pharmacy benefit managers’ ability to negotiate rebates from drugmakers on Medicare Part D drugs. Removing rebates from the supply chain erases the savings passed on to Medicare Part D beneficiaries and acts as the only check on Big Pharma’s control over prices.

With millions of Americans struggling to afford their life-saving medications, approving the Rebate Rule would be a massive step in the wrong direction. I urge my members of Congress to reject this proposal and support bipartisan, market-based solutions to lower prescription drug prices through increased competition and transparency.


Keith Herrick

West Gardiner

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