If some readers of Charles Todorich’s opinion article in this Sunday’s newspaper are confused, they are not alone (“Maine Voices: Three chapters, a century of history and a choice for America,” May 19). He seems to be rambling from Einstein to Nietzsche to Churchill to Charles Krauthammer, Obama and a few other prominent names in between: Darwin, Marx, Freud and Hitler. He even tosses in a quote from Demosthenes: “Don’t do what you are doing now.”

The gentleman from South Portland then manages to refer to Donald Trump and Sir Winston in the same sentence. Perhaps Mr. Todorich wants us to think in terms of Trump’s pledge to Make America Great Again and Churchill’s “finest hour” speech as just as uplifting. He goes on to suggest that Trump may save us from “soulless, socialist globalism, like fascism and communism.”

Anyway, let’s see what  President Trump has done for our greatness so far. He has made the rich richer, adding enormously to our national debt, undermined long-held alliances with our allies, praised and emboldened the Russian thug Putin, reversed efforts to combat climate change, and fostered an upsurge in bigotry and hate crimes with his divisive rhetoric while behaving in the most egregious manner of any American president in memory.


George Hite


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