As Hallowell contemplates noise level increases, Maine Public in it’s Maine Calling show recently cited the increase in hearing loss and the need of aides and other devices to deal with the issue (“Hallowell councilors move forward with slight increase in noise downtown,” May 13). Geez, do you suppose their just might be a connection between the increase in noise and hearing loss and need for hearing aides?

Noise pollution is the ignored pollution. Noise is one of the tools of the bully, and while media is happy to warn the rest to watch out for motorcycles, they seem reluctant to tell motorcyclists in turn to have some respect for the rights and hearing of others.

Noise is one of the macho selling points of big ego trucks. Perhaps the fact that noise sells explains medias reluctance to take on the issue. Media showed a similar reluctance to take on tobacco until cigarette ads were barred from the airwaves.

Noise pollution and its negative effects may not be the most pressing environmental issue but it is one in which media and government can both do much more than nothing which is what they currently are.

George Hunt


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