I read with great interest the article on the non-golden years (“Many Mainers enter golden years financially insecure,” May 26).

I am 81 years old and disabled following strokes. They have left me with very little use of my left side and my right is better but tires very soon. Up until two years ago I was working and able to get along very easily. Then my wife became blind and life changed; we decided to downsize, and after two downsizes we ended up in special housing.

Then my wife got so helpless that she need to be in a nursing home. Now I need a cane just to walk. On Medicaid, you can only have so much money and you need to spend down until you have have spent down to that level where Medicaid will pick up more of the costs. It is very complicated system to understand.

As my situation stands I have to pay rent of $1,850 a month. They provide things like laundry, vacuuming, and everything else except television, computer and lights. The nursing rate is $1,100 a month plus cost of medications. So currently it cost us $2,950 a month just for rent and nursing home, not for food or any other items. It doesn’t take long for money to go away at that rate.

I could go into deeper but it would appear I was whining as I probably have been better off than some others.

I am happy that I have my mind and can take care of my wife and I. Many people do not.


Jerry Day


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