Say no to the Central Maine Power transmission line. There is so many reasons this is a bad idea. The statement that Maine will benefit from this power line is just not true.

I’m president of the Mile Ten Owners Road Association, also affected by this power line. We are 73 lot owners with approximately 45 acres per lot. We all came to this area for relaxation — hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. This will be gone permanently if the line if built. Using pesticides and destroying the habitat for much of our wildlife is wrong.

Is CMP going to send hundreds of workmen out every year to control the vegetation that grows and feeds our wildlife? What about our water supplies? We will have to live with the pesticides and cancer-causing agents forever?

New Hampshire made it clear  that they will not allow their state to be destroyed so others may profit.

Let’s not be the state who doesn’t care. Maine does not profit through this project, only politicians do.

Maine State Federation of Firefighters is not in favor of this power line corridor for a very good reason. There is no true protection for that area. A malfunction or lighting strike to any of the power lines will result in massive electrical fires similar to those already seen out west. There is no protection for our area.


Jeff King



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