So Donald Trump goes off to Japan while North Korea fires off ballistic missiles. Asked about this, the POTUS scoffs and dismissively states that while “some of my people” may think this is a betrayal of the agreement between the two countries, he, Trump, is unconcerned. Hello?

Trump also is fond of calling Bill Barr, the Attorney General for the people of the United States “My A.G.”

My people? My A.G.? No concern over new missile testings? It has now been over two years of this stuff. And worse. Are we having fun yet?

Have we never come across characters like Trump in movies, books and plays? Where do such characters fit into those plots, and how do things turn out? So where are our checks and balances?

And what have Americans traditionally fought for? Was it to allow a New York real estate scam artist, ignoramus, climate change denier, and cynical misanthrope to daily work at destroying our constitutional structure, our nation itself, and possibly the world?


Abbott Meader


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