Valedictorian Marielle Pelletier addresses the Class of 2019 Sunday at Mt. Blue High School’s commencement. ceremony. Franklin Journal photo by Dee Menear

FARMINGTON — Mt. Blue High School added another 149 graduates Sunday afternoon to its list of alumni.

Mt. Blue graduate Caela Seeley. Franklin Journal photo by Dee Menear

“Today is the favorite day of the year for all of us that work with these students,” said Principal Monique Poulin. “It is a culmination of a 13-year educational journey. We are sending you off with confidence you will find success in the world.”

Valedictorian Marielle Pelletier said she set and achieved a silent goal, one she would not share. She urged her classmates to do the same.

“I am just a small fish in a big sea of opportunity and brilliance,” she said.  “I can assure you that I am not the smartest person here. I’ll tell you why I am here. I had a silent goal. Keep your silent goals silent and give credit to those who motivate you.”

Salutatorian Maeve Hickey reminded the audience to remember those who do much for little recognition.

Class of 2019 president and salutatorian Maeve Hickey leads the graduation processional Sunday at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington. Franklin Journal photo by Dee Menear

“They carry us without condition and without praise, expecting nothing in return,” she said. “We decided to dedicate the yearbook this year to our head custodian, along with the rest of his team, for this very reason.


“Our school, our class, is built on every single person that’s here today, not just a few. Unsung heroes that silently keep us going, often completely unaware of how impactful they are. Today isn’t just about a few people, or even just those of us sitting here in our caps and gowns. It’s about every single person in everyone of our lives that has made it possible for us to be here. I dare you to be humbled by them and I dare you to be grateful for them.”

Elysia Roorback, who graduated among the top 10 in the Class of 2019, read a poem she had written about her four years at Mt. Blue.

“It’s amazing how a place can prepare you so well to go off into the world, so well to grow and succeed, so well to leave, that all you want is to stay,” she said.

Of the 149 graduates, 112 plan to attend college, 27 are headed into workforce and one is looking to join the military.

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