A fawn spotted crying along Webb Road in Oakland on Monday was rescued by the Oakland animal control officer and a neighbor. It was headed to a wildlife sanctuary where it would be nourished and later released.

Sonya LaChance said she saw the fawn while out on a walk and notified Animal Control Officer Pat Faucher out of concern for the newborn spotted fawn’s safety. “I could hear it crying, and it was so close to the road I felt bad for it,” LaChance said.

Armed with a large net, Faucher searched the area, including a marsh, for the fawn. At first failing to locate it, he tried a deer call. Neighbor Mike Lee joined him in the search, eventually spotting and then chasing the fawn until it was netted.

Faucher said he will take the fawn to Don and Carleen Cote’s Wildlife Care Center in Vassalboro for nourishment and eventual release.

All parties left the scene with smiles on their faces.

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