Political parties are a distraction from the issues. Rather than argue about a party like one might root for a sports team, we ought to vote for politicians who most closely resemble our own values on the issues most important to each individual. Many Mainers recognize that both major parties often ultimately have similar funders, lobbyists and special interests influencing their decisions. Allowing unenrolled voters to vote in the primaries forces all politicians, regardless of their party, to be more transparent about their stance on the issues and puts the responsibility onto the voter to be informed in their decisions.

As a voter, I don’t want to decide between red and blue; I want to discuss the issues and vote in primaries based on the merit of the candidates. Don’t hide behind your party line when the voting records of so many make it clear this is little more than an arbitrary distinction.

I am disappointed that L.D. 211 was not voted through because all Mainers deserve the opportunity to have their voices and their votes heard, regardless of their party, or lack thereof.


Bekah Krise


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