What if tomorrow you heard from a reputable source that thousands of world-renowned astronomers had agreed that an observed asteroid would collide with the earth in about 30 years, essentially destroying human life on the planet? Would you shrug and say “fake news, fake news” and go on about your business? Or might you rather experience a profound sinking sensation and feeling of dread unlike anything you’d ever experienced in your life?  Humanity gone in 30 years? Cities, nations, children, grandchildren – along with all of human history itself? And nothing to stop it from happening?

Substitute for the asteroid the well verified conclusion that climate change, unless its progress is halted in the next decade, will bring about something close to that in your own, your children’s, or certainly your gandchildren’s lifetime. Call it 30 years. Who would not want to avoid that outcome? Well, there is still time. But barely.

Read. Listen. Discuss. Find the facts. Act upon them. And vote for the right candidates. Whatever your cause, it will be a lost cause unless we address climate change now.

This is not a political issue. This is existential. My wife and I are in our 80s and have no skin in the game. We do have three kids and five grandchildren, and we do care. Often, when in town, I will see beautiful little toddlers happily stumping along who will look up at me and smile. It breaks my heart.


Abbott  Meader


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