Kennebec Valley Community College has announced the following students were named to its 2019 spring dean’s list.

Ashley Sullivan, of Abbot; Harlie Atchison, Camryn Caldwell, Kelly Dow, Michael Durette, Brody McKenzie, Thomas Sawtelle and Ann Ward, all of Albion; Samantha Howard, Lacey Leeman, Brenna Rathburn and Kobe Tibbetts, all of Anson; and Chantel Begin, of Antioch;Michelle Warfield, of Appleton; Micayla Driscoll, of Ashland; and Danielle Augeri, Angela Cox, Francis McSweeney and Jake Norton, all of Athens.

Also, Siarah Bailey, Carmen Bragg, Derek Brotherton, Mercedes Debowey, Corbin Dostie, Talitha Gorneau, Jessica Grenier, Tanya Hickbottom, Wendie Hixon, Brittany Holland, Alexander Kirk, Julian Lall, Jacob Lashon, Christy Layer, Tyler Lounsbury, Elaine Lowell, Michael McCarthy, Conner McFarland, Kayla Peel, Brooklyn Pinkham, Alexis Roy, Meleah Schafer, Rachel Soucy, Mackenzie Stephenson and Brittney Thibodeau, all of Augusta.

Also, William Sanders, of Bangor; Benjamin Huebler and Meaghan Quinlan, both of Bath; Jacqueline Awalt, Courtney Burns, Robert Dyer, Joshua Epperly and Samantha Hills, all of Belfast; and Morgan  LaFreniere, Marcella Raymond, Madison St. Pierre and Matthew Trembly, all of Belgrade.

Also, Westley Marcus, of Belgrade Lakes; Robert Currier and Jessica Farrar, both of Belmont; Shannon Egan, Evan Fisher, Adrian Hoyt, John Martincic, Amy Mellen, Braden Noonan and Melinda Pelletier, all of Benton; Jason Monteiro, of Berlin; and Kasey Rogers, of Berwick.

Also, Alicia LaFlamme, of Biddeford; Joshua Brown and Jeffrey McKenzie, both of Bingham; Ryan Schoppe, of Brewer; Holly O’Leary, of Bridgewater; Angelica Champoli, of Bridgton; Lazell Giggie and Ariana Kaczmarek, both of Brooks; Victor Edgerton, of Brunswick; and Katrina McCarron and Amanda Poulin, both of Burnham.

Also, Kristy Strouse, of Cambridge; Michael  Perret, of Camden; Morgan Ames, Andrea Gurney, Sean LeClair and Ritchie Mitchell, all of Canaan; Katie Choate, Robert Farrington, Stephen Goulette, David Gray and Hannah Kennedy, all of Chelsea; and MaryAnne Mudie, of Chesterville.

Also, Julie Chavez, Todd Henderson and Courtney Squire, all of China; Andreya Dubois, Jessica Gyles, Robert Johnson Clinton, Anna McKenney, Kelly Peterson, Brady Shorey and Janice Steward, all of Clinton; Janalee Dennison and Taylor Haines, both of Corinth; and RaeAnn Long, Aaron McLaughlin and Malia Whittemore, all of Cornville.

Also, Zachary Eaton, of Deer Isle; Clair Gerry, of Detroit; Kimberly Nelson, of Dexter; Daniel Mitchell, of Dixfield; Ronald Falco, of Dixmont; Ashley Warstler, Nathaniel Church and Zachary Smith, all of Dover-Foxcroft; and Cody Billings and Rebecca Close, both of Dryden.

Also, Joshua Vose, of East Machias; Brittany Masessa, of Easton; Emily Witham, of Embden; Brody Porter, of Enfield; Brad Allen, of Etna; Taylor Williams, of Eustis; and Ashley Ames, Morgan Anton, Sarah Bailey, Daphanie Blair, Rosadee Armie Bouley, Kyle Bridger, Zachary Cayer, Hannah Crone, Laurel Dorr, Allison Durant, Robert Ellis, Joseph Frechette, Kaytlynn Gallant, Keith Giles, Victoria Giroux, Kate Grames, Baneen Hobbi, Edward Hoyt, Neha Jain, Rebecca Leeman, Joshua Marin, Julia Pabon, Jordan Sullivan, Amanda Veilleux, Emile Woodruff and Alexander Woodward, all of Fairfield.

Also, Isabelle Vazquez, of Farmingdale; Bethany Charles, Patricia Cormier, Amy Duvall, Courtney Melville, Erica Sanderson and Michael Staples, all of Farmington; Lisa Whitney, of Fayette; Karoleigh Friend, of Freedom; Emily Randall, of Freeport; Cera St. Amand, of Gardiner; Matthew Wasco, of Gorham; and Jean Cyr, of Greenbush.

Also, Sarah Burgess, Camilla Jones and Amber Oberle, all of Hallowell; Tracy Bradley and Jade Lamb, both of Harmony; Samantha Harvey, Abby Pelletier and Isaac Robinson, all of Hartland; Sergei Bing, of Hinckley; Kesha Lane, of Hope; Krystal Danforth, Morgan Hackney and Matthew Smith, all of Jay; and Cailea Eaton, of Knox.

Also, Melissa Witek, of Lewiston; Luke Davis, of Liberty; Olivia Holmes, of Lincolnville; Shelby Leighton, of Litchfield; Sara Phillips, of Livermore; and Christopher Beaman, Katherine Esty, Alexandra LaCombe, Aaron LeBlanc, Darin Libby, Savannah Lightbody, Mary-Ellen Savage, Kymberly Wright and Garrett Young, all of Madison.

Also, Jenna Brown and Deborah McCutcheon, both of Manchester; Allyson Crowell-Smith, of Medway; Ralph Hendrix, of Mercer; Robin Stanwood, of Milbridge; Jordan King, of Montville; Jillian Waddell, of Moscow; Jessica Jensen, of Naples; Judith Ogden and Tara Whitney, both of New Sharon; David Hughes and Joshua Perry, both of Newport; and Gordon Rogers, of Nobleboro.

Also, Nina Gomez, Melissa Kinney, Laura Lorette, Wyatt Mitchell, Grace Pollis, Alexis Sack and Ciara Walker, all of Norridgewock; Paige Cahill, Daryl Foss, Taylor Richardson and Dylan Willette, all of North Anson; Abigail Desrochers, of Northport; and Vicky Withee, of Norway.

Also, Kristyn Brown, Shawn Collins, Brandy-Jean Dickens, Micah Hanson-Smith, Rachel Herrin, Wayne Ireland, Tina Makinson, Chad Morisette and David Pullen, all of Oakland; Sean Grybos, of Orono; Cindy Wanjiru, of Owls Head; and Joseph Seigars and Danika Thompson, both of Palermo.

Also, Jacob Booth, Roy Garland and Amelia Loureiro, all of Palmyra; Sharon Dudley, of Phillips; Warren Ackerman, Rebecca Hinsch, Nicholas Howard, Miranda Kuespert, Christine Lallier, Jacqueline Neas and Kassandra Orcutt, all of Pittsfield; Alisha Biddle, Hannah Chase and Stefanie Johansen, all of Pittston; and Tyler Ayotte, of Presque Isle.

Also, Julia LoSciuto, of Raymond; Theresa Edgecomb and Ethan Harriman, both of Readfield; Michael Frisone, of Rockland; Charlotte Duncan, of Rockport; Shelby Christianson, of Rome; Daniel Bissell and Heather Grindle, both of Saint Albans; Emma Mehuren, of Searsmont; and Norma Krumbholz and Fiona Ordelt, both of Searsport.

Also, Joshua Allarie, Cheyenne Goodrich, Jordyn Lambert and Aaron Young, all of Sidney; Carl Bauer, Denise Carrow, Rusha Cassiani, Austin Clayton, Tyler Courtemanche, Roberta Doane, Justin Fisher, Corinna Huard, Frances MacMichael, Desarey Oliver, Jacob Richards and Montana Soucier, all of Skowhegan; and Erin Bailey, Mitchell Hewes and Sandra Jarvis, all of Smithfield.

Also, Jessica Clark and William Coldwell, both of Solon; Joshua Breault, Angel Hall-Stuart, Catherine Proulx and Katelyn Thurston, all of South China; Joseph Bigbee and Lillian Morrissette, both of South Portland; Susan Marriner, Matthew Martin and Miranda Simmons, all of St. Albans; and Matthew Oliver, of Starks.

Also, Kristen Mowry, of Steuben; Shane Alley, of Swanville; Alexandra Penney, of Sydney; Salina-Marie Wallace, of Thomaston; Madelyn Blanchard, of Thorndike; Raymond St. Pierre, of Topsham; and Amanda Barnes, Kylie London, Sonnet Myers, Chris Phillippe, Chris Phillips and Melissa Saucier, all of Troy.

Also, Paula Miller, Ashlee Reynolds, Jessica Roberts and Christopher Shedyak, all of Unity; Daniel Arnold, Courtney Dorval, Brandon Fisher, Elizabeth Green, Sophia Quirion, Faith Wall and Emylia Wilde, all of Vassalboro; Jean Howard, of Vienna; and Kimberly Wadleigh, of Vinalhaven, Aaron Smeltzer, of Waldoboro; Alexander Casas, of Washington and Michael Hersom, of Waterboro.

Also, Tyler Anderson, David Barrett, Damon Beck, Christian Bradford, Amelia Chambers, Jennifer Christensen, Ashley Couverette, William Haiss, Casey Henderson, Regis Katihabwa, Heather King, Ryland King, Roger Krebs, Daphne Labbe, Natachia Lovering, Jason Mansir, Bryan Massey, Jacob Miller, Heather Mundle, Patience Munezero, Paige O’Neal, Jasmyne Overlock, Sadie Paulette, Mason Peterson, Riley Phillips, Marisa Schaller, Joshua Scoville, Anisa Stowe, Katie Sykes, Charity Tompkins and Devon Webber, all of Waterville.

Also, Hannah Mills, of West Gardiner; Stephanie Gerard, Kayla Guenard and John Mehuren, all of Whitefield; Kelsey Biliouris and Elijah Dorian, both of Wilton; and Melanie Pond, Jessica Cook, Jody Cunningham, Heather Huntington and Brianna Sullivan, all of Windsor.

Also, Monique Belisle, Cory Briggs, Cora Lee Burgett, Nicole Capeless, Cierra Clyde, Adele Cvetkovski, Brianne DeMerchant, Dezarae Frappier, Courtney Gosselin-Pomeroy, Jasmine Gregory, Christina Judkins, Elissa LaVoie, Benjamin Lemieux, Jonathan Madore, Olivia Moody, Cody Olauson, Seth Theriault, Scott Vaillancourt, Daniel Vashon and Gabriel Wiegand, all of Winslow.

Also, Sean Hadley, Samuel Kostusyk and Rachel Pease, all of Winterport; Chad Bryant, of Winthrop; and Courtney Blake, of Wiscasset.

To earn a place on the dean’s list, a student has achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while carrying nine credit hours or more for the semester.

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