Works by seven Maine artists will be featured in “Abstrations: Looking at the World Through a Different Lens” Saturday, June 29, through July 27 at the Maine Art Gallery, 15 Warren St., in Wiscasset.

Marjorie Arnett, a studio artist, published playwright and poet, and lives in Belfast. Her paintings display subdued, delicate areas in contrast with bold slashes of color.

Peter T. Bennett has lived and worked in Maine for the past four decades. He works in multiple disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, print media, video and performance art, and is currently working in aluminum relief sculpture.

Susan Bennett has been making sculpture for 20-plus years. An accomplished welder, she works intuitively with steel and stainless steel, giving these mediums visual rhythm, motion and balance.

Michele A Caron is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant for her work in fine art and conservation of gilded objects and frames. As a painter, she brings many of the discipline’s finer qualities to her paintings.

Stew Henderson lives in Northport. He works in several media, including paint, collage, sculpture and printing.

Jay Sawyer, aka JBONE, was born in Rockland. While well known for his rustic spheres, he has an extensive body of abstract works resulting from his love for industrial salvage and the history it represents.
Abby Shahn, has been living and working in Solon for many years. Her paintings and other works move fluidly between the figurative and non-objective. She sees rhythm as the basis of all art.

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.
For more information, or for private showings, contact Elaine Pew at 350-1485 or [email protected].

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