After so many months of reading and hearing about the revitalization of Main Street in Waterville by Colby College and the city of Waterville, it is getting quite boring. I have a few comments.

I feel that the revitalization will benefit the upper class of people. All I can see for the future of Main Street is eat, drink, sleep and be merry. There won’t be anything for run-of-the-mill people to attend. Prices won’t start at $1.99.

There is hardly anywhere in downtown Waterville to shop now; you have to go to a shopping center. If there are going to be any shops downtown, I’m sure it will be in the upper-class price range.

You’ve already got the Colby students in the downtown dorm, filling the concourse parking lot, which isn’t fair at all to the businesses there.

I think the people of Waterville should be considered in many decisions made in Waterville, not just Colby College. Also, there are many ways in which the city of Waterville could improve itself.

I can remember back in the late 1950s when you could walk down Main Street at Christmas time with stores on both sides of the street and do all of your Christmas shopping. It surely cannot be done today. You either have to go from one end of town to the other or go out of town to shop.


Let’s put something else in the paper for news. The revitalization doesn’t affect me at all. I subscribe to the paper and would like to see other news printed.


Judith Couture


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