As a longtime attorney in Augusta with strong connections to the State House and the Maine Legislature, I used to be proud to say that I represented Central Maine Power. I haven’t done that for a number of years, particularly after they got taken over by Avangrid. It’s a different company, as we all can see, non-responsive, arrogant, and it’s pretty obvious that something needs to occur to change its present course and speed. The recent articles in the press describing the situation are well done and strongly suggestive for the need of some drastic change (“CMP misled the public, mismanaged rollout of new billing system,” June 23).

A piece of legislation from Rep. Seth Berry that is held over for study by the Maine Legislature needs to be seriously looked at. It suggests that the state needs to take over electrical utilities in Maine. What more demonstrations do we need —ineptitude, abuse of the truth, or an arrogant sense of customer relations? That legislation is going to have some discussion over the next few months and I urge everyone to follow it and take part if possible in upcoming discussions to get the state back to the position where we have reliable electrical service with responsibility from the provide.

We really ought to start with calling for the ouster or firing of Doug Herling, CMP’s CEO. He really should do so voluntarily, particularly since he described the very company that he runs as the “most hated company” in Maine.  I think that’s a great place to begin to send a strong message.

The Legislature is responsible for adjustment of the differences and I think it will do a good job. I found Maine legislators, over the years, to do a fine job.


Jon R. Doyle


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