I was intrigued by the Maine Compass piece “Fix the asylum system” (column, July 3). Though I agree that the immigration and asylum system is in need of some work, I couldn’t help but pick up on the xenophobic tones of Robert Casimiro’s words.

It prompted me to take a peek at the Mainers for Responsible Immigration website and I was dismayed to see that my suspicions were confirmed. Mainers for Responsible Immigration has nothing more to say on its site than “All these new people degrade community trust and cohesion, drive up rents and taxes, increase congestion, consumption, litter and environmental degradation.”

I recall the stories my father has told me about his immigrant Italian/Irish family and the persecution they faced as outsiders in a new world. They are now the same people that the Mainers for Responsible Immigration say are being threatened by people from “away.”

Let’s be honest: we are all immigrants here, and it’s crucial that we remember that fact.


Anna Masciadri


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