I am a native of Maine, having been born in Hartland during the great snowstorm of 1952.

I am extremely upset about and very tired of the insinuation that Gov. Janet Mills “sold out” to Central Maine Power in regards to the so-called CMP corridor. Gov. Mills and other members of her family have devoted large potions of their lives in service to Maine. I believe their love of and care for their home state is as great, or greater than, anyone past or present. Accusations against any member of the Mills family in this matter are driven by either frustration, intent to defame, or more probably stupidity. The Mills family’s integrity, honesty and forthrightness are unimpeachable.

I want to applaud and thank Janet Mills for returning integrity, honesty and civility to her office. I would also like to thank all the members of the Maine Legislature who worked together to create a timely and comprehensive state budget.

I sincerely hope the air of optimism infects anyone and everyone who is in any way involved in helping run our great state of Maine.


Alan Williams


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