I am an angry white old person.

So what am I angry about?

The administration. Need I say more? I am totally disgusted at the policies and behaviors. I cannot emphasize that without profanity.

The rise of the right. I just moved to Maine from 10 years in Charlottesville. I was there during the Unite the Right rally. I remember Kent State and felt the situation in Charlottesville was similarly dangerous and tried to warn them. The loss of that vibrant young woman will be felt forever there.

The lack of progress for women. I was so angry the Equal Rights Amendment did not get ratified, yet had some young women tell me that feminism was a dirty word. I remember how bad it was back in the 1960s and ’70s, and how far we have to go.

The understandable anger of people of color. I remember growing up in Georgia. I remember my fear — as a white person, I could feel it. I could see what was happening around me.

The attitude towards those who are different. My son is Hispanic but third-generation American on that side and doesn’t speak Spanish. I know the prejudice he has experienced.

So when millennials like columnist Victoria Hugo-Vidal (Maine Millenial) talk about angry old white people, I get even angrier.

Ageism is now OK. It’s OK for young people to tell old people to shut up. It’s OK to brand a very large population as biased and out of date due to their age.

I remember at age 21 also thinking that 30 was dead. I get it. But it is not OK. It is wrong on just as many levels as anything else happening today.

C’mon, Victoria, and all you millennials. I’ll be glad to talk to you.

Will you listen?


Delia Wilson Lunsford


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