Garry Hinkley will make an excellent selectman for Manchester. Garry is a neighbor and one of the first people I met when my wife and I moved to town.

Garry has served Manchester for many years as chairman of the Conservation Commission. Most recently in that role, he led the effort to plan and complete a harvest on one of the town’s forest parcels, netting Manchester more than $35,000 in revenue. Garry also serves as steward of the Allen Whitney Memorial Forest, where his work over the past year has greatly improved the trail network and increased public use of a major town asset.

Garry has recently retired from nearly 40 years of work in state government, and has a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Maine. That training and experience, combined with his long and deep involvement in town issues, will serve the town well.

Please give Garry your support in the July 23 special election.

Jeff Reardon


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