Manchester will have a special election on Tuesday, July 23, to elect a new selectman. I will be voting for Garry Hinkley and I urge other Manchester residents to join me.

I have known Garry for more than a decade and have admired his tireless volunteer efforts on behalf the community, particularly with his work on the Conservation Commission. We can always rely on Garry to take the time to do things that benefit all of us, from picking up litter on the roadside to working on the forest management plan to helping find solutions for recycling efforts. He has a master’s degree in public administration and years of experience with management, budgeting and strategic planning through his former employment, so his qualifications are many. But it is his temperament, his patience, his listening skills, his calm determination, and his judgment that earn my vote.

Please take the time to stop by the town office in Manchester and vote for Garry Hinkley on July 23.

Terri Watson

(The writer is a former chairwoman of the Manchester Board of Selectmen.)

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