The text of the House Resolution condemning Trump’s racist tweets is beautiful and inspiring (“A divided House votes for resolution condemning Trump’s racist remarks,” July 16).

Let me tell you my family’s story: My grandfather’s family fled Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. My grandfather, brought here illegally as a 4-year-old, was the equivalent of one of today’s undocumented DREAMers.

He served as a proud Marine in Pearl Harbor. His young family — my grandmother, father and uncle — were hiding under the bed as the bombs dropped. He did not become a naturalized citizen until 27 years later.

My father, a NASA scientist, is the equivalent of an anchor baby. As a retired physician, I have both benefited and contributed as a citizen of America. But as a white person, no one has ever told me to “go back to where I came from.”

America is a nation of immigrants united by an ideal, not blood. Trump is an unequivocal racist. He is tearing our country apart, and must be stopped.


Pamela Swift


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