In response to the letter to the editor from the resident of Waterville who is discouraging fellow Mainers from signing petitions and participating in our democratic process (“Don’t sign people’s veto petitions,” July 16), I would like to clarify an assumption.

Mainers for Health & Parental Rights is not a religious group. In fact, there is more diversity politically and religiously than any group in which I have participated. What unites us is the resolve to maintain our right to make medical decisions for ourselves and our families.

As a result of the vaccination law by Gov. Janet Mills this past May, thousands of Maine students will be discriminated against, segregated from their peers by being forcibly removed from school should they delay or opt out of even one vaccine. Anyone who values the opportunity to have informed consent and decline even such routine vaccinations as a flu shot should be concerned for the real and potential future implications of such a law.

Most people, when given the option, do choose to fully vaccinate. Throwing away our rights in order to coerce 5% of the school-aged population to vaccinate following the exact Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention schedule or be kicked out of school is not what Maine is about.

For more information regarding how to sign the petition in order allow Mainers to vote on the law, visit

Aaron Hoshide, Ph.D.

treasurer, Mainers for Health & Parental Rights


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