Having been born and raised in the truly special state of Maine, I admit to perhaps taking the beauty of trees for granted. At least I did until the Maine Department of Transportation decided that for our safety — increasing visibility — they needed to clear cut the trees around the Interstate 95 exits in the Waterville and Augusta areas (“With eye on safety, Maine DOT clearing trees near I-95 exits,” June 21).

What was once a spectacular tree-lined area now looks like a war zone — utter devastation. How did we let this happen? Why didn’t we have any say in how this $500,000 was spent?

The DOT calls it their “vegetation management plan” and that they are “in the middle of a multi-year timetable to control roadside vegetation”, making it safe to presume this clear-cutting will continue in the years to come. Unfortunately, the end result will make Maine not all that special after all.

Cindy Sturtevant


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