GoGo Refill, a new South Portland retailer, is trying to reduce single-use plastic in the world by asking customers to bring their own containers to the E Street store.

Bulk dispensers line a counter at GoGo Refill in South Portland, which offers household and personal care products that can be put into reusable containers. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

The store, which opened Friday, sells personal care items, as well as eco-friendly laundry, kitchen and bath cleaning products.

Its refill model is intended to help reduce the amount of plastic waste headed to landfills and fouling oceans.

Owner Laura Marston said similar shops are popular in Europe and Canada, but are just catching on in the U.S.

Marston said she is choosing manufacturers that make eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products to help make a broader environmental impact beyond reducing the amount of plastic in circulation.

Lexi Doudera of South Portland fills a reusable container with conditioner at GoGo Refill on Friday. Derek Davis/Staff Photographer

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