I find it so discouraging to read and hear this disparaging of people in tweets from the White House — of all places. If I have a disagreement with a neighbor or a colleague, I make every effort to sit down with that person to see what we can do to improve the situation.

The chances of improvement after the type of tweets coming out of the executive branch are nil, nada, zero. They seem to be designed to divide the country and appeal to a group I don’t know. I guess we could call the group white supremacists.

Worse still, there is a sexist twist, which means the group is male white supremacists. In 1920, we granted voting rights to women, and since then have made incremental progress towards equality. Now this. I find it embarrassing as well as discouraging.

Let’s have a good, civil conversation about something substantial and shake hands and go our ways with new information to think about.


Rob Pfeiffer


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