In a world where a screaming match and name-calling are considered a debate and Facebook is how many people get their news, a public library is more important than ever. Librarians are professional information brokers who help people gather, evaluate and absorb information through many media.

We have books, of course, but that book may look different. It may be large print so older eyes can read, it may be electronic so it becomes mobile, and it may be read to you as you drive or while you get ready to sleep. People gather information in many ways, and the Gardiner library delivers it in many formats, but we always deliver it accurately.

I would like to thank the residents of Farmingdale, Gardiner, Litchfield, Pittston, Randolph and West Gardiner for their support of this very important regional service. In a town meeting season that begins in March and ends in July, residents from all these towns are given the opportunity to continue this library partnership. I am so proud to say that this service may continue into 2020 and I wholeheartedly wish to thank everyone who comes out to support the library.

Have you signed up for your library card yet? Using a library could truly open a whole new world for you and your family! Thank you again for your support.

Anne Davis

library and information services

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