Central Maine Power has failed its customers.

The Better Business Bureau Code of Business Practices is based on eight principles, seven of which have been broken by CMP:

Build Trust; CMP has severed trust with customers.

Advertise Honestly; CMP has mislead customers by creating a false impression of the accuracy of the smart-metering system.

Tell the Truth; CMP has reported to have fixed the billing errors, however there is ongoing evidence of even more errors. Even CEO Doug Herling admitted that CMP is the most mistrusted company in Maine right now.

Be Transparent; A June 23 news investigation in the Portland Press Herald revealed that critical oversights and missteps occurred during the transition to the smart meter system, all the while CMP representatives denied any problems(“CMP misled the public, mismanaged rollout of new billing system“).

Honor Promises; CMP has not corrected mistakes nor reimbursed customers for payments made related to over billing.

Be Responsive: Instead of resolving customer complaints, CMP service representatives blamed customers for bills that showed unexpected usage increases and higher bills.

Embody Integrity; CMP has failed to conduct its business dealings and commitments with integrity.

It’s clear that CMP’s choices are driven by profit. CMP is completely disconnected from prioritizing customers’ basic needs for adequate service and accurate billing.

The Public Utilities Commission needs to connect the dots between CMP’s distracted efforts and exuberant spending to promote a for-profit transmission line with the fact they continue to ignore customer service needs, can’t fix the billing system, and have not reimbursed ratepayers for the overbilling.

There is no reason CMP should benefit from a rate increase before making it right with customers. Maine citizens deserve to be treated fairly in business practices. The PUC must hold CMP accountable for these egregious errors, which have led to such a dramatic burden on so many families and businesses across Maine.

Sandra Howard





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