In regard to the Maine Department of Transportation’s complete clearing of the land surrounding Interstate 95 exits 109 and 112, there was a vague statement that milkweed might be planted (“With eye on safety, Maine DOT clearing trees near I-95 exits,” June 21). But otherwise, DOT has been silent on its plans, if any, for these now mostly dirt-covered stark areas. (Although I did see them mowing recently — don’t want that grass to get too tall, could be a driving hazard!)

Both exits are gateways to our state capital, and as is they remind me of exits in Oklahoma or North Dakota, not the green Maine we know and love.

Perhaps the DOT could commit to planting milkweed, wildflowers, and/or flowering shrubs or trees? I assume these plants aren’t a risk to drivers and are within the DOT’s budget.


Keith Taylor


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