AUGUSTA — Two Oklahoma men were arrested Sunday in connection to one home burglary and five car burglaries within the span of one day in north Augusta.

Shayaquon Gaskins

Shayaquon L. Gaskins, 19, and Jocquan Jordan, 18, both of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were each charged with one count of burglary, one count of theft by unauthorized use of property, one count of theft of an item that is a firearm or explosive, five counts of burglary of a motor vehicle and five counts of theft of items valued under $500. Court documents said each of the men were being held on $50,000 bail.

Probable cause affidavits written by Augusta police Officer David Adam said police were called at 7:15 a.m. Sunday for a reported car burglary on Stony Brook Road. The owner of the vehicle reported a firearm, purse, tanning lotion, clothing and $67 in cash stolen. While investigating this incident, police reportedly found some of the missing items on the side of Leighton Road.

Jocquan Jordan

While walking around Leighton Road, officers made contact with Jordan and Gaskins. Gaskins was carrying a small cardboard box and they told police said they had $100 in cash and wanted a cab to take them to Portland, then return to Oklahoma. They reportedly told police they came to Maine “for a gig” for which they were not paid and said they were sleeping in the woods.

Shortly after, Augusta police responded to four other reports of car burglaries on Community Drive at the Best Western. Another burglary, this time of a home and a vehicle on Bond Brook Road, was reported around 10 a.m. The owner of the vehicle said the keys were left in the vehicle and it was moved a short distance, but had mechanical issues that would have only allowed it to operate for a short distance.

Police looked inside of another vehicle at the property and noticed a cardboard box similar to the one that Gaskins was carrying earlier. The homeowner said his cell phone and some baseball cards were stolen from his home while he was sleeping.


Police relocated Gaskins and Jordan, and found Gaskins was in possession of the key to the car and home located on Bond Brook Road and wallets from the vehicle burglaries at the Best Western on Community Drive. Gaskins first stated that he found the items. Police said he later admitted to entering a car on Stony Brook Road, but did not admit to entering the Bond Brook Road home. Gaskins said the property stolen was behind the Wendy’s on Civic Center Drive and police located it. Video surveillance showed Gaskins and Jordan dropping the property off behind the Wendy’s.

A total value for all of the stolen property was not available in court documents.

According to Augusta police logs, the men were initially charged with six counts of theft of property valued under $500.


Staff writer Keith Edwards also contributed to this report.

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