This mémère can’t sleep.

Knowing that young children are separated from their families at the border and placed in detention camps truly is a crime against humanity — it is just plain wrong. This policy has to change now. Where is our sense of decency? Children should not be used as pawns in the name of national security. Don’t become complacent. Staying silent means you agree. Time to say, “Enough!”

Please call our Maine politicians: Sen. Susan Collins, (202) 224-2523; Sen. Angus King, (202) 224-5344; Rep. Chellie Pingree, (202) 225-6116; and Rep. Jared Golden, (202) 225-6306.

Our Maine politicians need to hear from us to let them know we find this policy just heartbreaking and we want an end to it. Ask them what are they doing about this and what their plan is to keep families together.

These children need your voice.

Sylvane Pontin

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