This letter is for Winthrop voters who care about education. State law decides so much of the funding for schools. But we have the local voice over local expenses. We all witness the cost-of-living increases in every phase of our lives, in every shop and store. Our cost for education is in the hands of Winthrop taxpayers.

On Tuesday, Aug. 13, at the polls or with an absentee ballot, Winthrop can support of the 2019-20 school budget. It prioritizes safety for teachers and students, curriculum, instruction, comprehensive needs assessment, adult education, and school nutrition, along with so many other important requirements for the educational growth of our students.

I thank those folks who made the first presentation of a budget and then reworked and tightened it to the core again trying to maintain competitive salaries, health benefits, reasonable class sizes, and a happy, positive attitude. Please support this budget and cheer our youngsters on.


Susan Thomas


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