While the first challenge of arrival day for Colby College freshmen moving into their dorms may have been haggling over the prices for used furniture that survived previous tenants of the college’s accommodations, the second — and certainly the first real test — was getting that purchase into the room.

For a mere $40 split three ways, a recliner love seat for three is a bargain. Moving it to the front door of the dorm is a matter of brute strength, but then comes the hard part: getting it through the door and up the stairs and into the room. No simple way to do that, especially under the watchful eyes of parents and their offspring who were reportedly biting their tongues as they waited for a solution to be found so that they could move into the dorm themselves.

Once settled in, students bid their parents adieu and, for the next week, attempt to orient themselves to the campus and Waterville where they will surely find challenges that surpass moving furniture.

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