At his core, President Donald Trump is a coward. He hasn’t delivered a thing for Americans except financial stress, fear of an accidental war, acute embarrassment, a roiling stomach, and higher prices with more on the way.

I am not tired of winning yet. But like so many Americans, I am tired of Trump. He exhausts many of us without doing anything to strengthen or unite our country — once the famed “shining city on the hill.”

I was shocked to watch Trump’s teleprompted speech earlier this month telling the nation it needs to be rid of bigotry, hatred and intolerance.

The words had to be read (and written) for him because 1.) He is unable to genuinely make that plea from his dark heart, and 2.) He is the most hateful racist and bigot I have ever known. There just is no way to convince me he wrote, read or meant any of it. His blackness consumed him as a child and will go with him to the grave.

Like so many people across the globe, I am just plain scared of Trump.

He believed nothing he said after the shooting in El Paso and Dayton, except for the part about the mentally ill and video games being the problems. However, just one in five mass shootings is carried out by someone with mental illness (sorry, no room at the hospital). And all developed countries have video games galore but not the gore of slaughtering as many people as possible as fast as possible.

How quickly he stole away our country, and how easily we allowed it.


Frances “Liz” Mockler