While we applaud your Aug. 9 editorial in support of adopting animals from shelters and decrying poor living conditions for pets, we would like to respond to your question posed at the end of the editorial asking why it took so long to “do something about” the situation at R-N-D Kennels in Solon (“Our View: Buyers are first line of defense against bad dog breeders“).

State of Maine animal welfare officials were brought to the site to inspect the kennel when the animal control officer for the town of Solon first became concerned about the conditions at R-N-D approximately 10 years ago. Since then, the state has been called out to the site by town authorities on several other occasions. Over the years, the state worked with the owner in attempts to improve the animals’ living conditions. Only the state of Maine has the authority to close a breeding kennel or remove an animal from a home because of poor conditions. 

We would like to thank state animal welfare officials for all their efforts over the years to correct and improve the conditions at R-N-D Kennels. We also thank our current animal control officer, Elizabeth Giroux, who was appointed in June and who contacted the state when she received new complaints about this kennel and brought them to the state’s attention again.


Elaine Aloes

Sarah Davis

Keith Gallagher

Board of Selectmen


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