I guess this will be the last time I step in to a Walmart store. Their current stance against the sale of “assault-type” guns and the ammunition that goes with them is laughable (“View from Away: Walmart acts on gun violence,” Sept. 7). Their ignorance is astounding. Guns and ammunition are tools only, and it is the person using them that is the problem, not the tools.

Why now do they choose to take a stance on such a flash point issue when they still sell food items that contribute to diabetes and 0besity and alcohol that contributes to alcoholism, myriad social problems and OUIs? Why do they sell phones that contribute to distracted driving, or allow animals into their stores that are obviously pets and not service animals

They are such hypocrites. I will gladly now do my business elsewhere, and I hope everyone else who sees this as the kindergarten stunt that it is will follow my lead. My money is just as green at my local gun shop as it was at Walmart.

Charles Ferguson

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