Canadian financial services firm Sun Life Financial is adding a new family leave benefit for its workers, including the roughly 500 people it employs in Maine.

The Toronto-based company said it is now offering four months of fully paid family leave for employees to bond with a new child, including adopted and foster children, to care for sick family members or a family member injured on active duty, or to address matters arising from a family member called to military duty, domestic violence or sexual assault.

Employees volunteering to become bone marrow or organ donors also are eligible for the benefit, it said.

Sun Life said it also is expanding its fully paid leave benefit for birth parents to a total of six months, including two months of medical leave for childbirth recovery in addition to the four months of family leave.

The new policy also includes a minimum of six months paid medical leave for an employee’s own illness or injury, with the first four months at full pay.

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