Sam Shain and I are on opposite ends of the political spectrum but I know him to be a bright and talented guy.
There is some things we disagree on but there is a ton we agree on — especially regarding Wendy Larson and Slates, both shining stars in Hallowell. I am sure if Phoenix Golden, who wrote the recent op-ed hit piece on Shain and Larson, really knew them, Golden would have a much more favorable view of them (“Community Compass: Column on Slates incident left some truths out,” Sept. 9).

However, Golden totally misses the point of being in business, signing the front of many paychecks. It would be impossible for Wendy to separate her customers by what they think about politics, both physically and ethically.

As my father explained to me as a young boy, “Son, you can’t mix business and politics; you only end up making your customers mad.”

Larry Davis

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