Be happy — there are better options than voting for Sen. Susan Collins next year.

In 1996, Collins promised that if she was elected, she would only run for just two terms. She also promised to work on legislation to repair the disconnect between Social Security and Maine’s retirement program. I believe that I voted for her that year.

Twenty-two years later, Collins is still our senator and retired state workers still cannot receive Social Security survivor benefits. Because of this, we have teachers and other state employees routinely working into their 70s if their spouses have died before them.

Collins voted with her GOP Senate members to give the top 1% a $1.5 trillion tax break. Meanwhile in Maine, and across the nation, working Americans had to increase our tax contributions to cover the reduced tax contributions.

Collins is campaigning using dark money from special interest groups to get her marketing messages out. She had over $6.5 million raised for her campaign, reported in July, with 95% of that coming from out-of-state supporters. Her vote for Justice Brett Kavanaugh and supporting the Trump tax-cut policy for the top 1% is paying well.

There is reason to be hopeful. Next year we have a chance to get rid of Collins with a couple of very good options. Sara Gideon of Freeport and Betsy Sweet of Hallowell are very intelligent people, and have raised families in Maine. Don’t worry, be happy.

Michael J. Mayhew
Boothbay Harbor

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