FRYEBURG — Two planes making an intentional landing on a beach near the Saco River caused a stir Saturday morning when it was initially reported as a “crash” by an eyewitness.

David Cullinan, the manager of the Eastern Slope Regional Airport in Fryeburg, said that early Saturday morning, an eyewitness called police and reported that a plane had crashed in Fryeburg.

However, Cullinan said, the crash turned out to be “two guys landing their planes on the beach at Saco River.”

“The witness said they thought they heard a pop, but with planes like that, when they go to land, it can backfire, which sounds like a pop,” Cullinan said. “The planes they were flying are also designed to land on beaches, so it probably appeared to be a plane crashing to that person.”

By the time law enforcement arrived at the scene, Cullinan said, both men had flown away.

He said that there’s “a little controversy” as to whether landing the planes on the beach is allowable.

“It’s not necessarily against the law or against any sort of a regulation,” Cullinan said. “It also could’ve been a mechanical issue, but I can confirm that they flew away shortly after landing.”

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