Although I am not in the custom of giving political endorsements, I must in this case buck the trend by throwing my full support behind Heather Pouliot for Augusta city councilor at large.

Having worked closely with Heather on the Augusta Downtown Alliance, I can say with little doubt that there is no one more committed or hardworking when it comes to community involvement than she is. She not only serves as board chairwoman for our organization — a completely voluntary position which takes up many hours and offers little thanks — but is involved with countless civic organizations including serving as co-chair for the city’s Comprehensive Planning Committee.

From my experience working directly with her, I have seen a passion seldom displayed with other volunteers. Her determination to market our historic downtown and our city is evident in everything she does, from managing our organization’s social media to developing a marketing strategy for the city to promoting our events, concerts and business openings.

Her calm demeanor and open-mindedness as board chairwoman has not only led to increased volunteer involvement, but has also inspired our members to take on increasing roles of responsibility.

Heather has been a remarkable asset for this organization just as she has been for every other group she is involved with. I know she will be great for this city too, and that’s why I’m happy to give her my support.

Michael Hall