What’s most scary in America today is the apparent obliviousness of our political leadership. The topic is corruption. I am personally against all of it, straight across party lines, no exceptions. The Democratic leadership is only anti-corruption when it comes to President Donald Trump and Republicans. So today is a great day! It would appear that the Devil’s house is divided.

If Trump is as corrupt as Democratic leaders say, his crusade will take him down. But if the Democrats are as corrupt as they say he is, it will take them down. All good so far!

And if the “deep state” is as corrupt as it seems to be compromised, that will come out in the wash, too.

However, if Trump goes, all corrupt politicians must be shown the same exit. Anything less is not democracy; it’s demagoguery. There will be a ton of vacant seats in both houses, on both sides of the aisle. Perfect. Bring it on.


Samuel Richards

East Winthrop

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