For the last two Saturdays I have traveled the interstate north from Waterville to events in Bangor and Hampden. The drive was lovely, the trees were changing colors, and the trips could not have been more enjoyable.

Having also traveled twice in September south from Waterville to the Portland area, Interstate 95 going south is a different travel experience. Too many trees have been cut, spoiling the beauty of the interstate — long stretches of brown wood chips and barren spots are what we see.

Returning to the Augusta/Belgrade exit, a once lovely offramp with numerous shades of green trees and vines that lined the exit is now an ugly pile of brown dirt. If one travels further north to the Waterville/Oakland exit, that exit too has been devastated.

As a teacher for 35 years I taught my first- and second-grade students that trees were our “friends,” and that trees helped pollution. Our wise and learned governor is perfect for the state of Maine; we are honored that she was chosen to speak at the United Nations summit on climate change. She has also created a panel to help Maine with the crisis of global warming so that our grandchildren will be able to enjoy this great state that we call home.

I hope that the governor will be able to prevent  anymore “clear cutting” on our beautiful I-95.


Marilyn Hall


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