Columbus Day is not a Christian holiday. In his recent proclamation, Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro praised Columbus as a man of faith, and at a City Council meeting a local pastor spoke up in defense of the proclamation (“Area residents call Waterville mayor out over Columbus proclamation,” Oct. 1). Although Columbus did claim Christian belief as a reason for his explorations and enslavement of indigenous people, when compared to lives and teachings of Jesus and Paul, his motivations and actions are anti-Christian.

In Chapter 25 of the gospel of Matthew, Jesus says that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one. How people treat those weaker than themselves is a reflection of their true faith. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul says that we should have the same attitude as Jesus, who humbled himself and became like a slave.

This is a far cry from Columbus’ actions. Columbus had great technical skills, but technical prowess is very different from moral goodness.

Simply because Columbus Day has been a holiday for a long time is not a reason for Christians to support it.

Scott Taylor


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