Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro drew unfair criticism for reclaiming Columbus Day as the traditional day to be observed instead of the new Indigenous Peoples Day (“Area residents call Waterville mayor out over Columbus proclamation,” Oct. 1). Why should this be anything but acknowledging past history? But the word “divisive” serves a more emotional purpose.

So move over Trump, LePage, et. al., because Nick Isgro has become the new whipping boy of the liberal left.  This political entity is relentless in trying to destroy anything conservative, Christian, or even traditional.

In my 80-plus years, I have never witnessed such a totally destructive venue as has been done by the media. Oh, a few crumbs have been tossed in our direction so as to appear “fair and balanced” news reporting, but the fix is definitely in.

Years after World War II, a German friend was asked why German people seemed to accept the information and insidious encroachment of Nazism. She replied, “We didn’t see it as propaganda —we called it news.” And everything good and traditional was destroyed.

An addendum to the Knights of Columbus, as a widow of a Knight: If you allow this smear from the left to go unchallenged, Father McGivney will roll over in his grave!


Pat Truman


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